Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daddy surprises the kids at school!

Since Jason came in late, the kids stayed at Renee's and went to school the next morning, so we could, ummmmmmm, "visit" LOL It was soooooooo exciting to surprise them at school today! They couldn't believe it was really him! They couldn't stop staring, wouldn't let go and smiled the BIGGEST smiles I have ever seen!! It was AWESOME! :)

Welcome home Jason!!!!!

Balloon surprise from Williams' Family!
Sign the kids made!

"I gotta feelin' that tonight's gonna be a good night" :)

It's really you!!!!



The day we have been counting down to! Almost 6 mos. ago, Jason left for ASSghanistan and is FINALLY home! This deployment took forever and was very hard, but GREAT friends and family made it easier! Renee (my Co-parent this time instead of Lins.... LOL) kept the kids for a few days so I could DEEP clean and de-dog the house! Words can not express my gratitude to the Miles' fam. over this deployment! I couldn't list alllllll of the help, favors, support, advice, encouragement, etc. if I tried! Just know that I love you, WE ALL love you and are grateful and thankful for EVERYTHING you've done for us!!!!!!!! Jill loaned me her bows and came to help me decorate! She also had Ava one afternoon while I cleaned like a mad woman! She has also been there to ALWAYS help when I needed it (and I needed it often!) The Williams' fam also surprised us with these great balloons when we arrived home! Thank you Jilly Bean and I Love you too!! Thank you to everyone for the packages you sent to Jason, the letters and cards, the e-mails, the support and most of all, LOVE! You just can't go through this alone and we are so blessed to have SO MANY wonderful people in our lives! My facebook messages have been AMAZING! A million times...................THANK YOU :)