Monday, November 23, 2009

NEW MOON and a HOT date!

Team Edward baby!!!!

Renee found her family at the movies!

She LOVES when he wears this hat!

"I packed your ANGRY eyes" lol

FUN double date!!!

We went on a FUN double date with Renee and Gregward! First we had dinner at Red Robin............yummmmmmmmmmmm, then on to the MUCH anticipated, NEW MOON! We had a blast and laughed A LOT and oh yeah, the movie was good too! :)

Ava's Soccer Party

Josh and his little sister, Sara
Kayla (a.k. Cheese), Ava and Maria...................3 TOUGH chicks!

Ava and Cheese

The Kings and their HUGE trophies!

Coach Tony and Ava

Ethan and Sara (same K class) He says "Sawa" and love her! Awwwww

GO KINGS! In a previous post, I talked about how awesome Ava's team was! It was such an exciting year now that she's competitive! Their team came in second in their conference. The had a GREAT coach and Asst. coach along with a very talented group of kids! We had our end-of-season party at Golden Corral where they were given their HUGE trophies! She was in heaven!!

Ethan's Basketball B-day Cake at Miriam's!

Miriam and Ethan

Miriam (our friend and neighbor) is an AMAZING cook and baker! She made both kid's cakes last year and again this year too! This year Ethan requested a basketball! It was AWESOME and tasted just as good as it looks :) Thanks again, Mir!!

Ethan's party cont. ADULT FUN!

Gregward would make a GREAT HOST! lol
Why does rabbit ears NEVER get old? lol (Jill and Mike)

The Girls (Jill, Anna, Miriam, Renee, Me, Brandy and baby Miranda)

Renee and Greg

Jason shooting me at point blank range (feel the love!)

GI Jason

Greg and Mason

Mike, Jason and Zach W.


G and Jilly Bean

Just like Assghanistan, right?
The girls wit da curls!

Jilly Bean and Renee

J hunting the kids

Greward "gettin some!"

The Big Boys (uh......I mean, Men) in their "Charlie's Angels" pose

Hard to say who had more fun at Ethan's party....................the BIG kids or the little ones :) You think the guys would be sick of playing Rambo since it's their job, but they never grow up! LOL :)

Ethan turns 6!!

The Stowe Fam
Mike and Mason
Ethan's party room (turn head to read sign-lol)

Blowing out candles




Miriam and Zevi

J and Ethan

Me, Ethan and Alex

Jill and Zach

Anna and Riley

Rambo Zach W.

Rambo Zevi

Check out the tongue! lol

Rambo Ethan

Rambo Zach S.

Renee (other mom) and Ethan

Mike and Jason

Rambo Alex

Attack on Jason!!!

Rambo Mike

The Red Team!

The Green Team!

The party boys with Hostess, Rachel

Coloring Ethan's shirt

How is it possible that my BABY is 6? Since we had such a GREAT experience at The Recreation Station for Ava's party, we decided to do it again 3 weeks later for Ethan! Only this time, we made it a LASER TAG party and Ethan's BEST present............................DADDY WAS HOME TO PARTICIPATE! WOO HOO! In fact, I'm not sure who had more fun, the little boys or the BIG boys! lol Ethan invited 10 of his great friends and we had the same hostess, Rachel, from last time, so it was a BLAST! There are soooooooooooo many pics to prove it :) Happy 6th Ethan! We love you!