Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The USMC Ball 2010!

Happy 235rd Birthday Marine Corps!  This year the Ball was held on beautiful Hilton Head Island at the Marriott Spa and Resort.  We're so lucky to live just barely an hour away from there, but we still made a night out of it and stayed!  The kids were well taken care of in one of the conference rooms while they all played, watched movies, did a little arts and crafts, ate pizza, etc.  We had a great time with new friends and I, once AGAIN, borrowed a stunning dress from my girlfriend, Stacy at: http://hammietime.blogspot.com/.  After wearing Stacy's gowns for 2 years in a row and LOVING them, I'm excited to see what I borrow for 2011! lol  I think it may be MY turn to buy the gown and let her wear it next time though ;)
 Me and Leslee
 Jason and Jay
 The Dodge's and us
 Me & Jason, Matt and Chelsea, ?? and Leslee and Jay
 Jennifer, Tiffany, Me, Stefanie and Chelsea
 Tiffany and Harry Boyd
 Tony and Jennifer Lebron
 Chelsea and Matt Brunoehler
Me and Jay
 Me and Rachelle
Me and Leslee

Our Little Honor Student

Ava has been on the Honor Roll ALL but one quarter this year in 4th grade.  This is from Nov.  I'll post the other award ceremonies later in chronological order as I blog.  We're so proud of Ava and how hard she works in school, sports, girl scouts, church, home, etc.  Congrats Ava and keep it up..................or else!! ;)
 Ava and the Principal, Mr. Yahres
 Ava and her friend, Bree
All of the 4th grade Honor Students! HOORAY!

Congratulations Captain Ellis!

Or as Renee likes to call him..........."Capt. Silky Pants" (because of the sexy green silky PT shorts he wears! lol)

In November Jason was promoted to Capt. FINALLY! Seemed liked it took forever (I was just anxious for that pay raise! HA!) Cameron and Sara came for the ceremony and we both (me and Cam) were able to pin J! It was such a nice day standing alongside the parade deck in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial (except for being eaten alive by SAND FLEAS!!!!)