Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Girl Fashion Show

Jill and Grace
Erin and Carly
Kristian, Ava, Grace, Carly and Maddie
Ava and Grace
The All American Girls with their American Girls
Ava and Jackie, her AG in their matching Fashion Show Tee Shirts
At the table during the show
Ava and Grace and their dolls
Wish this pic wasn't blurry :(

Ava's Brownie troop voted on a FUN activity and decided to use some of their Girl Scout cookie money on an American Girl Fashion Show in Fayetteville, NC. We all rode together and had a fun 2 hour (each way) road trip. Mrs. Erin (the troop leader) drove and Jill and I tagged along! At the show, we had light appetizers as we watched many adorable little girls and their matching dolls walk down the runway. Ava had a blast and loved getting a matching tee shirt with her doll as well as a cute pink carrying case!

On a side note............Notice all the girls dressed in pretty dresses??? Ava wanted to wear her matching Brownie uniform with her doll since it was a Brownie function and her last year before becoming a Girl Scout. I said "Don't you wanna wear a dress? Everyone else will be in one" Her reply was "No mom, I can be different. I don't have to do what everyone else is doing" I guess she must listen when I've said those EXACT words to her along with "If EVERYONE was jumping off a bridge, would you?" LOL Way to be unique and original and your OWN person, Ava! I am PROUD of you! xoxoxoxoxo

Ethan is the VIP for his Kindergarten class!!

DELICIOUS school ham! Yummmmmmmmmm :)
The GORGEOUS VIP decorations making their table special :)

Ava was able to come since the breakfast was before her school started

I actually slapped on some make-up, but stuffed the bed head afro in a hat! HA!

Ethan and the "acting Principal" Mrs. Kinsey (for Mrs. Perry)

Receiving his award and pencil

Every week each teacher selects a student from his/her classroom as the VIP for the week. They are chosen for reasons such as good behavior, academics, helping in the classroom, etc. Throughout the week they are awarded certain privileges like being the line leader, posting their bio and pic on the wall in the cafeteria, having a special breakfast with family, receiving a free popcorn on Friday and getting an award from the Principal, herself! I went to the award ceremony and had a DELICIOUS breakfast with Ethan and Ava in the cafeteria! We had a lot of fun and are so proud of Ethan as he is ALWAYS a VIP to us! We love you Buddy!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kelly and Chloe Cakes come to visit!

It went by soooo fast! We've been counting down the days until Kelly and Chloe came and it's already over :( It was so nice for the cousins to finally meet! They adored their baby cousin and couldn't get enough of her! Ava was really in heaven and would LOVE to have a baby sister! She did a great job playing with her and watching over her. It was also nice for Ethan not to be the youngest one in the house and he loved being able to show her things. After a while I had to limit the amount of times they said "Chloe, Chloe, Hey Chloe, Look Chloe, Chloe, Chloe, Chloe........." to only 3 in a row! AAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!! It was so cute how excited they were! This was only my second time getting to see her and unlike when she was a newborn and I held her for hours.................she was NOT havin it this time! This girl is on the GO and wants her freedom! I did scoop her up a few times and hug and kiss her while she pushed me away, but I quickly put her down before the crying came! hee hee As ALWAYS it was so fun to be with Kelly and laugh and act silly! I'll be going to visit her sans kids in two months.............WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! I told her she has to say Auntie Gia when I get there cause she's sooooooo close! Ok, not that sounds like she's gargling, but still way cute! HA

We had a great time just hanging out, playing with the kids outside, eating wayyyyy too much food (as always), going to Old Navy, Chick-fil-A, out for Sushi and having my LeJeune peeps over for a "Meet and Greet Coffee" since they are all friends on FB and blogs! We watched a couple of movies and even took a few quotes and a song away from the weekend............."Having said that"............."For me, for you"................and "You and me could write a bad romance, whoaaaaa ohhhh ohhhhh" We also helped out the Hussy with new words for a Miley song for her vlog! Changing the lyrics is what we've always done best ;) Oh and Jason offended us both by saying we reminded him of two of the characters from "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Both were NOT a compliment! Thanks Jase! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ava and CC Crawling in the hallway
A ride in the jeep! Chloe LOVED it!



A big wet sloppy kiss!

"Sooooooooooo big"

Chloe and George, my friend Stacey's son

Talking on my phone (the night before she tried to hide it from me in the dishwasher, but I found it!) Little stinker! ;)

Pine cones EVERYWHERE!

Cutest laugh/smile EVER!

Ethan trying to pose with Chloe for a pic (the bball helped)!

Keep up!

Jess and Gus, Kelly and Karen

Kel attempting to ride the ripstick and holding on for dear life!

Almost got it!

Kel, Renee and Me

The cousins!!!!!!

CC wondering why Auntie Gia is so shiny with no make up and wishes she had some shades!

Cousins and Besties!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

SNOW in NC 2010!!!

For the second year in a row that we've lived here, it has SNOWED! It doesn't get deep or last long, but it's good enough for a day's worth of play, building a grassy snowman and making a lot of wet laundry for me! As you can see we don't have snow boots, so the kids had to wear too small rain boots! We don't really have cold weather gear either, but I dug up these old (and also too small) snowsuits for them to wear. Nothing matches and everything is too small, but they didn't care and had a blast!

Eating a non-yellow snowball
Too small rain boots and too small snowsuits! LOL
Still soooooo much fun!
Ethan learning the art of snow angels from Ava
Ethan's still not attempting the snow angel

Neighborhood friends
Ava and Jade

Greg, Jason, Ethan and Sean with their Military Snowman!

What else would you expect on a Marine base? "Get some Frosty!"

Few more b-day pics from Hakata Hibachi restaurant!

These are from my personal photographer, Renee :) FUN NIGHT!!!!!!

Sean and Ethan (in amazement)
Me and Renee......always ready for a pic ;)

Me and J

Big G and Little G
Ohhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh FIRE!
The Ellis Fam
The Ellis Fam being silly
The talented Miss Ava