Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ethan turns 7!!!

What is Ethan like at 7 years old?
He's very smart...............the BEST male reader in his class!
He's very sweet, sensitive, helpful, friendly and kind.
He's outgoing, talkative, social, popular, funny, extroverted, and has lots of energy!
He's a night owl and NOT a morning person............just like his Momma :)
He loves to snuggle.
He loves his family and church and is a great friend.
He's very generous and giving and has the biggest heart.
He's tough!
He's VERY athletic and has been since he was a toddler!  You could hand him any kind of ball and he would know exactly how to handle it and had/has all the right moves down!  His best sports are definitely soccer, football and baseball.
He LOVES the Marines (just like his Daddy) and has been one for almost every Halloween of his life!
He is a mini-me of Jason.

It's hard to imagine it's been 7 WHOLE YEARS! Seems like just yesterday I was as big as a house............AGAIN!! Seems like just yesterday I was planning the perfect delivery!  He was induced, so I was able to shower, get ready, have my mom watch Ava and head to the hospital at my leisure.  My best friend Jen and Jason were with me and we had the best time!  We joked and laughed all the way thru it and he was out in 4 hours and 4 pushes!  I told the Dr. if it was always that easy I could have 10 more and he said "You should" (he was Mormon) LOL. The whole pregnancy I was addicted to pancakes and lots of syrup! And to this day he is my sweets eater!

For Ethan's party we decided to do what he loves doing best...............PLAYING outside!  It was basically one huge play date with many of his friends, a jump house, junk food and FOOTBALL!  For his birthday present he asked to attend a "real live football game".  His favorite team has always been the Saints (should be the Bears, I know!!), but Jason just "happened" to find tickets to HIS favorite team, the WA Redskins playing in Jacksonville the day after Christmas, so we surprised him with those and he was BEYOND excited (and so was J! LOL)  Since just Ava and I went horseback riding, Jason and Ethan went to the game alone. It was unbelievably cold and they froze even though they were bundled up good.  Ethan lost it about the 3rd qtr and ended up crying in the 4th, but they still had the best day ever and he still talks about that game! LOL

Happy 7th Birthday Birthday Ethan!!! We love you!!!
Ethan's AWESOME candy-filled bottles made especially by Auntie Toni
 I wish for two front teeth! :)
 Reading the card Ava made him
 Who's more excited?  Ethan or Daddy!! LOL
 Huddle/bear hug!
 Silly boys!
 Dawson, Ava, Andrew and Ethan
 Morning of the game.........they had to leave early for Jacksonville!
Are you ready for some footballllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
 They had GREAT seats!
A typical exhausted Ethan car ride home shot! LOL J said it was a great game despite the cold!  The had amazing seats and the Redskins won!  WOO HOO!

End of soccer season 2010...........Thunder and Lightening!

As usual soccer season was very exciting and fun!  The kids had a blast and played their hearts out!  Ethan's league is still non-competitive, but Ava's came in 2nd!  Here's a few shots from the last game and party!
 Ava and Dawson
 Ava and Coach Stephanie
Ethan and Andrew

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Ava went as Cleopatra and Ethan was a Redskins football player.  The Saints are actually his favorite (blasphemy, I know), but since he and Jason are going to a Skins game in Nov. and he wanted to wear the uniform, he decided to be one for Halloween (or maybe Mom thought it was more economical to get TWO wearings out of the costume......muhahahahah LOL)  Cam and Sara also came for the weekend and we all went to church for their annual "Trunk or Treat" and potluck dinner.  As usual, we had a great time!
 The kids with Dawson and Andrew trick-or-treating in downtown Beaufort
 Ava and Auntie Sara
 Ava with Auntie Sara and Uncle Cameron
Cindy Lou Who! LOVE IT!
 Ava and Bella
 Ethan and a BYU football player
 Sara looks dangerous with that knife!
 Ethan made a self portrait! HA!
 Cam broke his tool ;(
 Ava's cat carved without a pattern!
 Good job Cam!
 Some of the neighborhood kids
Our neighbors.....Cherish, Tye and Trey