Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look out Tooth Fairy!

Ava FINALLY lost not only her FIRST tooth tonight, but her first TWO teeth! Her bottom two teeth have been wiggly this week (finally) and she couldn't keep her hands off them! Tonight for Family Night we decided to "help" her out with some string. LOL!!!!!! The first tooth we think she swallowed because we can't find it.........................anywhere! The second one is safe and ready for the tooth fairy! Next family night we will torture Ethan! :) HAAAAAAAAAA


Photography by Ethan :)

Ava's class "hatched" some pretty HOT chicks yesterday! Today we were able to hold and take pics of them. They were soooooooooooooooo cute and sweet with their little PEEP-PEEPS :) If they never grew up into chickens, I would totally want one! Ethan found it hilarious to wear these PJ's to bed tonight. I thought we should go out for KFC! lol

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Special Date Night!

Jason had a VERY special date this weekend with a VERY adorable little girl! It was actually a double date because our friends Bryan and his daughter Remini went too! The Girl Scouts hosted a "Daddy/Daughter Dance" from 6-9 on Sat. night. They ate and danced the night away! Ava never left the dance floor and gave Jason a workout! They had so much fun and I love that they have this memory! I'm so grateful he wasn't deployed yet and could go. Meanwhile, Ethan had Spencer sleep over and also had a blast! We will miss Spencer and his parents when they move this Fri. to CA :(

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Ellis!

Worn out!

Ball to the chest.................OUCH!

Ava and Katia

3 generations of Ellis boys

Ava and Grandma doing a Tinkerbell art project

Pop and his "Snuggie" (even after he turned my heat to 77!)

"You lost your swing, we gots ta find it"

Jason's parents came to visit last week and we had a blast! We were soooooo excited when they were here and soooooo sad after they left :( We crammed a lot into 6 days like: touring the base, walking on the beach, going to church, going to Jason's Company's Family Day, playing the Wii, eating HUGE gourmet dinners that I cooked every night except 2 :) I also dragged Jeni around taking kids to and from school, eating lunch at school for St. Patrick's Day, going to the book fair, going to a Scentsy candle party (and spending too much $$$). The 3 of us girls also had a "girl's day" out shopping and having lunch at Red Robin. We also went to the Officer's Club for lunch, Ava's first baseball practice and out to dinner in Swansboro for YUMMY seafood! On their last day, Jason and his parents went golfing on base (18 holes!) It was a gorgeous day! Afterwards, Grandma and the kids planted pumpkin and zucchini seeds. We LOVED having them here and are so thankful they got to visit.........even though we all gained 10+ lbs! lol
Quotes of the week: "So that's how you are", "Woobie Woobster", "Get ready for the pain train! TOOT TOOT!"