Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Ellis/Lowe Family Reunion 2010

Over the 4th of July weekend we were able to attend the Ellis/Lowe Family Reunion at Granddad's in Colville, WA (about an hour away from Spokane, right outside the Canadian border) for 5 days! Jason's parents gave everyone in the family money towards the trip as our X-mas gift and boy, did that help out! It costs a small fortune for a family of 4 to fly across country over the 4th! THANK YOU GUYS!!! We're so glad Jason was able to get the time off after starting his new job here at PI cause we had a blast! The kids really had fun being able to run all over the property! Pat and Granddad own llamas and Ava LOVED them (ok, so did I....."thaaaaaaaat's a good boy") Pat also has a barn full of cats ("the cat house") and Ava was in heaven there too! She better be a vet when she grows up! LOL The kids also fished, played tag, hide and seek, volleyball, played in the creek, painted bird houses (which Granddad put up all over the farm), went shooting and rode 4 wheelers (the favorite). A couple nights we sat around the fire pit making s'mores and just laughing..............always lots of laughing! Pat, Toni and I made each kid a scrapbook and printed off pics from the week as a fun parting gift. We ate a lot of food and had a cake that read "The 2010 Lowe/Ellis FREAKIN Family Reunion" Jeni made shirts and we took a huge fam pic which still didn't include EVERYONE! We all really had a great time and it was so good to ALL be together for once! It's so hard to be spread out all over the country like we are! Times just aren't what they used to be. Thanks Jen for planning a wonderful reunion and thank Granddad and Pat for having ALL us CRAZIES there for 5 long days! LOVE YOU!

The gorgeous WA scenery!
The whole fam damily (well almost)
The girls (Me, Grandma Cora Ellis, Lins, Jeni, Trystan and Toni, and Pat)
Sweet cake!
Grandma and Grandpa Ellis with the Grand kids

The men! Jason and Ethan, Pop, Grandpa Jim Ellis and Granddad
The Military Men! Marines, Army, and 2 Air force
Showing our family reunion pride with SPIRIT FINGERS!

The two GORGEOUS girl cousins!

Cole and Ava with their handmade walking sticks
Dylan, Brock and Ethan

Ava and Great Grandma
Dylan, Ava and the llamas

Granddad and Ava feeding the wild turkeys

Could she BE any CUTER?
Could SHE be any cuter? LOL! ;)

Double trouble!
She loves when Auntie Gia squeezes her!
I love me some Brocky!


Lins and Jared
Me and Cam

There's so much love we have to hurt each other to express it! LOL

Me and Pat!
A demonstration of how you LOVE a llama! "Thaaaaaaaaat's a good boy!"

More Trouble!
The big kid and the little kids

Playing at the creek

My, what a BIG GUN you have Jason ;)