Thursday, February 18, 2010

A "M'ellis" Family Dinner for my 35th!!

So, I uploaded my pics backwards! OOPS! Now you can follow our night in reverse :) Sat. Feb 6th was the actual day of my glorious birth and how better to celebrate then with a M'ellis (Miles and Ellis) Family Dinner at Hakata for Hibachi! YUMMM! You may assume I am Asian after this weekend, but I'm not. I'm a full on greasy Guido instead :) Our only option in good "Ol' J-ville is Olive Garden though, so better to go Asian! :) We had such a FUN night as you can see! Miles fam.....................don't know what I would've done without out over the last year 1/2 and don't know what I'm gonna do without you two months from now :( I can never thank you enough or tell you enough what you mean to me and my family! Thanks for another FUN night and I love you guys!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo ;)

The end of a FUN night on the Miles couch wishing stupid Charter cable would let us order an On Demand movie! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
He loves my 35 yr old cheeks :)

The kids love their other parents sooooooo much!!! Maybe we'll leave them here with them in 2 months :)

"The GOOD (skinny) Mommy" :)
Had to change after dinner into some Miles "Lock It Up" Offroading T-shirts! +1 (lol)

Showing off Renee's T-shirt I stole from her closet - HA!

MORE presents!!!!! They spoiled me! Greg changed my oil! Thanks for the lube job, Gregward! :) And YES, J is trying to stab me with the knife I used to open the box! Love you too Babe!

Brothers! Ethan and Sean :)
The future Sean and Ava Miles.........or would that be like incest? ewwwwwwwwwww
It's a Nanny Jo sandwich!!! (aka Mike)
Me and Renee doing what we do best................posing for a pic! And Ava dancing a jig in the background! lol
Gia=35...............Jason=33 (until July) Yep, I'm a Cougar! rawwwwwr

More Sister camera love :) Check out my HAWT necklace from Karen Holiday! LOVE IT!!!!

Back to the presents.............see, I said they were out of order! MORE panties from Renee!! She has a panty fetish and is passing it on to me! Thankfully these are new and not already worn by her (though I couldn't get my big toe into hers! waaaaaaaaaaaa)

The M'Ellis Family at Hakata on Feb. 6, 2010 :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

My 35th B-day Party!!!

My Peeps: Stacey, Michele, Jill, Renee, Jennie, Stephanie, Me, Karen, Jess, Amber and Karen's mom, Rosie in the front row :)
Me and Michele
Me and Jess (she's so wild and crazy!!!!)
Jess, Me, Amber and Michele
Me and Jilly Bean
Me and Renee
Michele, Jill, Me and Renee
Me and Steph
Me and Stacey
Me and Rosie (Karen's Mommy)
My un-biological Sis :)
Me and Michele
Me and Karen
Me and Jilly Bean
Me and Jennie
Me and Jess
Me and Amber
My AMAZING cake from Miriam! We missed you!

How did we NOT set off the fire alarm?!?!?!? YIKES!

Am I seriously THAT OLD? UGH! I remember when my parents were THAT OLD! It sucks! I now know what people say when then claim they don't feel that old cause I don't either, but then I see a pic of myself and it quickly reminds me! It's all down hill from here.......................40 is just around the corner and then there's 50! OOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!

Regardless of my age, my party was AMAZING! Everywhere I move I seem to find the coolest people and the best of friends and we make fantastic memories like these!!!!! :) We all met for dinner at Asian Fusion in Jacksonville for sushi and it was deeeeelish! The place is tiny, but adorable and you don't even feel like you're still in J-ville! WOO HOO! There were 11 of us (a couple of my peeps couldn't make it and they were greatly missed) and we took over that place! We had the best time and LOL sooooo much our cheeks hurt! Everyone showered me with the most thoughtful and amazing gifts and to top it off Miriam left the most sinful death by chocolate cake in my freezer for me before she moved a week prior and that's what we had for dessert! I couldn't have asked for a better party or a better group of girls to call my friends/peeps :) I truly gonna miss them all when we move in 2 months! Thank God for facebook and blogs to keep in touch though ;) THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA! MUAH! xoxoxoxoxox0

Ethan's first tooth :(

Why is it that he was so excited and I am so sad :( He's not supposed to lose a tooth yet, he JUST got them......................didn't he? How is my baby 6 already and how the heck am I 35? UGH! Anyway, Ethan showed us the night before how it was loose. The next day at school he pulled it out and on the way to the nurse's office, HE LOST IT!!! Thankfully we wrote a note and the tooth fairy accepted that instead :)