Sunday, November 23, 2008

Family Night at JPS!

Family Night at the kid's school was this Fri. (before Twilight) and we had a blast! We had fun eating pizza, making crafts, decorating cookies and seeing Santa (early, I know)! Jason had fun talking shop with the other husbands (couldn't they all be brothers?) Jase looks like he just had his molars removed, but I think it's the way he's hunched forward (or the dozen cookies he eats a night!) HA HA


Our Girl's Night Out to see Twilight on Fri. was FUN! We had to wait in line over an hour even though we purchased our tix on Fandango in advance! There were even cops posted to keep the excited mob of housewives at bay! :) When they FINALLY started letting us in we were running and screaming to get the best seats! Jacole and I may have thrown a couple elbows as we threw ourselves over the entire row of seats! LOL The book was better by far! Some of us liked it, some hated it, some thought it was just ok, but all in all we had a fun night! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zevi's Bowling B-day Party!

Zevi, our neighbor/friend, had his 6th b-day party last weekend at the bowling alley! Everyone had a great time as you can see by Ethan and Jason's cake-hat pics! LOL

Completely Gratuitous!

LOVING the striped tights!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Gearing up for TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Went to a Twilight party over the weekend! Had to make a pitstop at Hot Topic in the mall first for my "Team Cullen" tee-shirt though :) I also make red velvet cupcakes with white cream cheese frosting and then had Edward make a small bite in them for me :) They were deeeeeelish! :) The party was fun! They had the soundtrack playing, lots of snacks and games! Can't wait for the movie on Fri.!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ethan's B-day Dinner!

Fri. night was Ethan's actual birthday and we went to Logan's Steakhouse! Ava also got to use her VIP pass for a free dinner as well. Our friends, Jacole, Gracie and Jack also came - we had a blast! In one pic the dtaff put Ethan on a chair and sang to him - he loved it!

Training for the Corps!

Here are some pics of Ethan "training" in the yard. Shortly after he started, Jason came home and took over as Drill Instructor! LOL!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sock It 2 Me for Chloe!!!!!!!!!

From now thru Christmas, 100% of my sock proceeds will go to Chloe June Manz to help with her health care costs! This is a GREAT gift for Christmas, birthdays, baby showers or just because you know an adorable little girl who needs a pair of adorable little socks :) Each pair is just $5.00 and you can choose your sock size, bead/button color and bead style on my webiste:

If you don't see what you want, don't be afraid to ask!! If I don't have it, I'll try and find it :) Feel free to order via my e-mail or as a comment on either blog! Thank you soooooo much for keeping me busy and helping out my favorite niece, Chloe :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

AVA 7, ETHAN 5!!!!

We decided to do a combo b-day party on Sat. for the kids! They wanted a jumphouse and a sports theme since Ava just finished soccer and Ethan will be starting tee-ball in the Spring. The kids had a blast and got a ton of nice gifts! My friend and neighbor, Miriam made the AMAZING cakes!!!! They were sooooo adorable and even better to eat!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chloe June Manz born on Tues. 11-4-08!!!!!

MY FIRST NIECE IS HERE!!!!!!!! Ok, so she's really my second cousin, but Kelly is like my sister, so I call her my niece (as she does my kids) :) Kelly was induced while we were all voting on Tuesday and had a PERFECT and easy delivery! As you can see in the pics, she is flawless and beautiful! Her skin and rosebud lips are gorgeous! She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz (not sure on length) and was born just before 2 pm. I am sooooooo excited to get to Kansas City and hold her and kiss those perfect little lips!

As most of you know from my e-mails, Chloe was moved to Children's Mercy hosptial due to a heart condition and will have to undergo surgery. Kelly sent out the following e-mail: The initial diagnosis is not as accurate as we thought. After further testing, a different cardiologist on staff believes that Chloe has a Double Outlet Right Ventricle. A normal heart has one valve on the right ventricle and one valve on the left ventricle. In Chloe's case, she has 2 valves on the right ventricle and zero on the left, thus the term "Double Outlet Right Ventricle". She also has a "hole" between the right and left ventricle called a Ventricular Septal Defect which mixes the red and blue blood together (I believe a normal heart does not do that). The combination forces too much blood into her lung area. Right now, there is no game plan. They want to wait a few days to give Chloe some time to develop and do more testing. Their thoughts right now are that some time soon she will need heart surgery to put in a Pulmonary Artery Band to help restict or slow down the extra blood flow into the lung area. Then they will wait until she is a year or so old to do another heart surgery where they will build a baffle (a barrier or wall) to seperate the valves so each ventricle has its own. If they do that surgery now, the "wall" they build will be so small that she will outgrow it too fast. The doctor heavily emphasized that these next few days will tell us alot. This waiting time will help confirm this new diagnosis and surgeries, however things change and game plans change so we cannot count on anything for sure. The good news is that she is very stable and is in good hands!

Please keep little Chloe, Kelly and Chad in yor thoughts and prayers. Thanks - Gia :)