Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Start spreading the news.................

..............We're leaving today. We want to be apart of it,


While my mom was visiting over memorial weekend, she was able to stay and babysit the kids so we could attend the wedding of our GREAT friends, Steve Moylan and Dani Mormile. The wedding was in Long Island, NY on Sat. June 5th. Since I've never been to NY (always wanted to) we left as early as possible to see some sights before the wedding. Because of work, Jason was only able to leave Thurs. afternoon. The first thing I wanted to do was see a Broadway show! The second was sight-see and the third.............EAT pizza and hot dogs till we puked! We got all gussied up and hopped a plane! Steve (the groom) was so kind to pick us up at the airport and give us a ride to Time Square. Since Dani and Steve were not staying at their apartment, they graciously gave it to us for the night! Steve drove us in true New Yorker fashion speeding and turning corners like a maniac, even getting yelled at by a pedestrian! It was awesome! Our first stop was PIZZA! It was AMAZING! Jason, of course, had to ruin his with ham and pineapple! GROSS! Then we had tickets for the 8:00 showing of.................. "WICKED" It was WICKED AWESOME (said in my best Boston accent)! I read the book last year and while it was painful to finish, the show was amazing! Afterwards we had a hot dog (got ripped off, of course!!) and walked the streets of Time Square! It was sooooo cool and made me miss Chicago a lot! Later we had MORE pizza, then walked even more! By this point it was 1 am and my feet were killing me since I was wearing my FAV hooker shoes (thanks again Michele) since noon that day! We stopped in a souvenir shop and I bought outrageously expensive "I heart NY" flip flops and wore those the 20 blocks down to Steve and Dani's new apt. Let me just say their apartment was adorable, but it's basically the size of a walk in closet for a WHOLE LOT OF $$$$$$$$$$$$! Would be such a fun experience though and THANK YOU STEVE AND DANI for letting us stay there before you both even got to (wink wink) :) The next morning (Fri.) we hopped the train, clutching my VERY detailed directions and instructions to Long Island (about 45 mins). That afternoon I spent getting a Mani/Pedi with Dani and her girls while Jason spent at a BBQ/pool party with Steve and the boys! We each had a blast! Since Jason was one of the groomsmen, we went to our hotel and got ready for the rehearsal. The rehearsal was easy and the dinner afterwards was DELICIOUS! It was so fun and the video montage of Steve and Dani was soooooo cute and sweet! Sat was the BIG day! Jason chilled with Steve in his room and ate while I slept in and read. He had to leave early for pics and "wedding stuff" so I read some more. It was nice and relaxing! After a while I hopped on the party bus with a few friends (Claire and the Kurtz's) and headed to the wedding! IT WAS GORGEOUS! The church was beautiful and the reception hall, even better! WHAT A NIGHT! They spared NO expense! The food and band were amazing! We barely left the dance floor all night and I was a not-so-sexy sweaty pig, but it was a BLAST! Sun. the new Mr. and Mrs. Moylan had a fun BBQ at Dani's parents' house (LOVE THEM!) and we were so sad that our amazing NY weekend was over! That afternoon we hopped a cab back to the airport and went home. Thank you mom for staying with the kids, you're the BEST! Love you! :)

The coolest pic ever.  ooh rah!

The beautiful and wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Steven Moylan!

Monday, June 14, 2010

A visit from my Mom/Grandma Fiore!!

After a whole YEAR since we saw her last.....................my Mom/Grandma came to visit us in PI! She stayed 10 days and we had so much fun! It also happened to be Memorial Weekend and her birthday! The kids surprised her at the airport (after she almost didn't make it due to missing her connecting flt.........NOT her fault) with flowers! They were soooooo excited when they finally saw her walking up the ramp and yelled "GRANDMA!!" My birthday cake fell apart, but tasted deeeeelish anyway :) On Sat. we headed to the beautiful Hilton Head Island and did the tourist thing. We searched for all the gators we found with the Miles' fam, but saw none :( (Mom was pleased! lol) We had a yummy seafood dinner at the Crab Shack on the pier and walked and shopped and walked some more. The next day we went to Savannah and took an Oglethorpe Trolley Tour all over town! It was great to learn some of the history while seeing some of the sights like Paula Deen's restaurant, the infamous "life is like a box of chocolates" bench from Forrest Gump, old mansions, cemeteries and statues, etc. Afterwards we walked around the River Walk and ate some delicious seafood AGAIN! I LOVE SHRIMP AND GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day we went to the saddest Memorial Day parade ever (and by sad, I mean pathetic!) and then walked the tiny historic town of Beaufort, eating in a well known cafe. We also took the kids to the skate park, had lunch with Ava at school, went thru the Marine museum on base and tried to imagine where Grandma Fiore walked and trained while she attended boot camp here in 1942 (or 43?). I showed mom the town of Habersham (a DREAM place to retire) and we had lunch at an adorable little cafe called Moondoggies. At the end of the first week, Jason and I went to NYC from Thurs. to Sun. night for our friends, Steve and Dani's wedding (separate post to follow). Mom enjoyed her time with the kids by having lunch at school with Ethan and attending his Kindergarten play (separate post to follow), taking the kids bowling, to the pool, out to eat and just being silly! She and Ava also made a HUGE batch of gravy and meatballs ("sauce" for the white people reading this). We came home to a HUGE and delicious meal of mom's lasagna! YUMMMMMMMMMM! On mom's last day it was also the kids last day of school. They got out at noon and our neighborhood had a huge party for them complete with a jump house, water slide and BBQ! It was a FUN ending to a perfect 10 days! Thanks for coming mom! We had so much fun and THANK YOU for watching the kids while we went to NYC! We miss you and love you lots! xoxoxo


My sad chocolate cake (still yummy though)
Mom was reunited with her wiener..............RUBY! ;)

The kids watching a clown at HH

Clown talent!

Harbor Point in HH

Our trolley bus thru Savannah - "I do declare it was such a wonderful day"

Mom couldn't resist sitting on Jason's lap too! HA!

I scream YOU scream!!!!!!!!!!!
WE all scream for ICE CREAM!

Posing by Marilyn

Mom, Ava and I got CUSTOM fit toe rings on the River Walk! LOVE THEM!


Ava with some neighborhood girls