Sunday, June 28, 2009

How do you know it's no longer a good idea to shower with your 5 1/2 yr old son?

When he asks these questions..............................................

1. Ethan: What is that? (pointing to tiny flower tattoo on hip)
Me: It's a beauty mark.
E: What's a beauty mark?
M: Something God gives you when you're beautiful.
E: Why does it look like a flower?
M: He wanted me to know I am EXTRA beautiful!!!!!!!!!! :)
E: Why does this one say "Ellis"? (pointing to tramp stamp)
M: He wanted to make sure I didn't forget my did you know what it said?
E: Mom, I can read some stuff!

2. E: Are you gonna have another baby?
M: Why? Do you want me to?
E: Well your tummy looks like you are!!!!!!!!!!

3. E: Don't turn around when you wash your hair, I hate when I have to see your butt!

Ok, so let me explain......................I don't normally shower with my kids (anymore), but the other day we went to the beach and got home late! We were all sandy and tired and just wanted to shower and go to bed. So, while Ava was in one shower, Ethan and I hopped in the other and these horrid questions were my punishment for efficiency. Someone please give me my "Mother of the Year" Award NOW! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason in "ASSghanistan"

Shower anyone? UGH!
Supply drop..........hope that's our package we sent ya ;)

The few, the proud..............get some 2/8!


Livin' it up!

Ethan can not say Afghanistan and pronounces it ASSghanistan! We think it's hilarious and now we all say it! Sorry if it's offensive ;) These are the first pics we have seen of Jason since he left in May and MAN, IS IT GOOD TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you and love you Jase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye Pre-K!

Brigid, Ethan and Ellie

What a stud!!!!

Jack, Nathan and Ethan

Ethan and Gavin

Thanks Mrs. Elaine!!

On to Kindergarten! Ethan had a great year in Pre-K! He was on the "Bee Team" and made a lot of friends and loved his teacher, Mrs. Elaine. He is reading "BOB books" and writes his name. He learned a lot of great songs and LOVES to sing the loudest during their programs. The end-of-year program was ADORABLE!!!

Goodbye 2nd Grade and to The Dolphin Team!

Ava played an "Adverb" in the play

They sang a song about an American Soldier and wore her daddy's cammies! Mrs. Rudolph said she cried during practice because it smelled like him ;(

Ava and Katia

Ava and Hannah

Ava and Mrs. Rudolph who deserves a medal! THANK YOU BRIT :)

On to 3rd grade! Ava had a blast in 2nd grade this year and graduated above avg. in all areas, especially reading! She started out the school year at a high 2nd grade reading level and ended it at a 4th grade level! She had a perfect report card and soared academically, but did give Mrs. Rudolph a run for her money behaviorally! She has A LOT of energy (understatement) and needs to be super-glued to her seat and remember to raise her hand instead of YELLING out every answer! She made some great friends and LOVED her teacher - as did I! She's going to miss Johnson Primary School, but looks forward to attending Bitz next year! Congrats Ava! We're so proud of you! ;) The pics are from the Dolphin Team's end-of-year play! It was GREAT!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Ava loves hugging Ethan almost as much as he LOVES being hugged by her :)

My friend Jill and her kids, Grace and Zach

Preston is so excited to ride the rides with me! :)

Grace Williams, Ava and Gracie Belt

My friend Shelby's son, Preston! He was mortified! LOL

Grace, Ava and Gracie

More torturing of Preston! :)

Ethan at beach! Just cute :)

Where has the time gone? It's hard being a single parent and getting EVERYTHING done! Unfortunately, this has been one thing that has suffered! :( In May the base held a carnival called "MAYNIA" It's was unbearably hot/humid that day, but the kids had a blast!