Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kids really DO say the darnest things! YIKES!

There will be NO picture with this posting :) LOL

The other night while tucking Ethan in to bed, we had this convo (I wasn't gonna post it, but Kelly made me! ha ha ha):

E: Are those your boobs (pointing at tank top)
M: Yes, go to sleep
E: Can I touch them?
M: What??!!!! NO!! That's innapropriate! You don't touch any girl's chest! Go to sleep!
E: Why can't I?
M: I'm your mom! You don't touch girl's even your mom!
E: WHat about when I am a Daddy?
M: Ok, when you're married and a daddy you can. Go to sleep!
E: Do I have to ask you first?
M: WHAT?! NO! You have a long time till your married. Go to sleep!
E: So when I'm a Daddy I can touch your boobs?
M: NO ETHAN! You can NEVER touch MY boobs!!!!!!!!!
E: Who's will I touch?
M: YOUR WIFE! (did I just say that??? AWKWARD!))
E: Who will that be?
M: I don't know, one day you'll get married to someone you love.
E: I'm gonna marry you!
M: ME? You can't marry me, I'm your mom.
E: Nope, I'm gonna marry you. I want Daddy to come home.
M: Me too buddy.
E: Does he touch your boobs?
M: GOOD NIGHT ETHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this is definitely payback to Jason and his "curiosity" at 5 yrs old as well! THANKS BABE! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our Last Few Days With Daddy

During Jason's last week home we tried to cram in a few things! We took the kids to the beach, had dinner at a Hibachi restaurant and then to a 2/8 Family Fun Day event! We had a lot of fun together making great memories. It's going to be a longgggggggggggg 7 months, but we're determined to stay busy and active! If anyone is interested in writing to Jason or sending any of the approved items he needs, please e-mail me for the address/list. Thanks so much for all the well-wishes and prayers :)