Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lady Gaga and The Fame Monster Ball Concert

Sunday was THE. BIG. DAY!!!!  The main reason I was in LeJeune for the weekend...........LADY GAGA!!  Jill and I headed to Raleigh that afternoon for the concert.  We ate a FANTASTIC dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and then headed over with the rest of her "little monsters"  Upon arrival we realized we were slightly OVER-dressed and by that I mean wearing TOO MANY ARTICLES OF CLOTHING!  Holy Crap, the freaks were out in full force and we took as many pics of them as we could! LOL  The opening act sucked, but her show was FANTASTIC!  It was more than a was a full on production!  She loathes lip syncing, so everything was live and her voice is amazing!  Her musical talent in general from the piano to some weird keyboard guitar to a cello thing...........SO GOOD!  She did EVERY song I love except Starstruck.  She changed costumes over 11 times (we tried to count).  Raleigh was her LAST stop in the US for The Monster Ball concert, so I'm soooooo glad we caught  it!  Thanks Jill for the BEST weekend I've had in a LONG, LONG time!  I love ya girl! 

As reported in the Raleigh News and Observer,

"Imagine the most garish display you’ve ever witnessed – a Super Bowl halftime show, say. Now multiply that by about six, and you’re in the ballpark. Gaga exudes a sense of universe-ruling determination that is rare nowadays, and she commanded the room like a general.

“Scream, Raleigh!,” she hollered, and everybody did. “Now dance, [expletives]!,” and everybody did that, too.

The two-hour show had a rough storyline of Gaga and her retinue of backup dancers trying to get to the “Monster Ball.” You didn’t notice much beyond the star, however, clad as she was in everything from a see-through nun’s habit to a wedding dress made of crystalline feathers that sprouted into wings.

She didn’t just sing and prance, either. At various points, Gaga played a freaky-looking standupkeytar that looked like a triangular turtle shell.

Most impressive of all, she sat at a piano for a couple of songs and just played and sang. She was down to her underwear by then, of course. And yes, the piano was on fire. But she played and sang beautifully, showing that she’s a powerful belter. From a strictly musical point of view, it rivaled anything I’ve ever seen Tori Amos do.

Otherwise, most of the set was high-energy dance music loud enough to rattle ribcages at the back of the arena, with hits including “The Fame,” “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi.” During the latter song, flames began shooting from her naughty bits.

It was brilliant."

The first few pics are of our pre-Raleigh photo shoot at home! HA!
 Her piano was under the hood of this car
 They made their dressed out of DUCT TAPE!
 This poor little boy was dragged around by some stripper lady.......Momma?  He's was a cutie! 
 Jill's Pimp showed up!
 I ALMOST wore this!  WHEW! That woulda been AWKWARD!
 Wait, I almost wore THIS!!!!!  YIKES!
 This was just sacrilegious and bizarre!  I realize we're practically in Sodom and Gomorrah, but still!
 Her piano was on fire!  It was awesome!
"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me

Bond...................James Bond!!

The second night while in Lejeune we attended Casino Royale at the Officer's Club.  It was a black tie affair, so Dave rented a tux and escorted us each on one arm, 007 style!  Needless to say he was the biggest stud of the evening and we thoroughly enjoyed our "Spaghetti Dinner"  LOL (inside joke)  Jill and I didn't see the point in "gambling" with fake chips (where's the thrill in that?), so we walked around, giggled and chatted with everyone.  Towards the end of the night we found ourselves watching karaoke and laughing hysterically at the wanna-be American Idol contestants!  Oh.........the food was really good too :)

 Me, Jill's friend Heather (so nice!!) and Joey

Back to Camp LeJeune for the weekend!

After 5 LONG months at Parris Island, I was able to return to LeJeune for a FABULOUS weekend (sans husband and kids)  Upon arriving to Jill's Fri. afternoon we sat in her "Carolina Room" and got all caught up!  It was SO GOOD to be back!  That night we headed to Marrakesh (a new European restaurant in town that opened AFTER I left...............jerks!!!)  The place was adorable, the food was delicious, and the company was FANTASTIC!  Erin and Stacy weren't able to make it (Stacy's husband Jon returned from Assghanistan that morning..........lame excuse, I know and Erin was coming to town the following 2 weeks plus her hubby was gone anyway!  Brandy also was out of town, but she's visiting me this weekend, so she's not in trouble!  Michele had a prior engagement, but I was able to see her Sat. night, so it's ALL GOOD!) We already know why StacEy and Renee weren't there and they were missed as always!  Our little intimate group was perfect though!  It was sooooooooooo good to see Jill, Jennie, Karen, Amber and Brittini!  Thanks for ALL the laughs girls!  I already miss your ham flaps! :)

 Jennie, Me and Karen (I'm wearing one of her "originals")
 Me and my Jilly
 Me, Amber and her sisters
 Our group with our adorable waitress
Me and Britt (a.k.a. Steph in some circles)