Friday, November 5, 2010

"What's for dinner?"

That's what I've been asking Renee for a couple months now! I would also say things like "I'm coming right over or I'll see you soon" etc. In her head I was teasing and wishing, but I knew I was going to surprise the crap out of her in Oct!! It was so hard to keep the secret, especially when she was sad and lonely! I wanted to cheer her up and say "I'M COMING!!!" but I knew if I surprised her it would be AWESOME, and it was! She was so shocked and I'm so glad I recorded the moment! I love your "ugly cry face" Renee :) How it happened was I went to WA to attend a Scrap-a-thon weekend with Pat (see previous post) and since I was just a few hours away, I decided to make a surprise visit to Portland where the Miles just moved to this summer. From the airport I hopped a cab and gave him directions. I knew Renee was home cause I called from the cab to see what she was up too! I pretended I was at Wal-Mart and had to go when we approached her neighborhood! I'm sure the cabby thought I was a freak when I asked to be dropped off a block away, but whatever............he smelled like cheese! So, down the street I walked lugging my suitcase and PRAYING she wasn't looking out the window! I finally found her house, dropped my bag in the drive, rang the bell and hid from sight! The surprise was so amazing that we had to do it for the boys and Greg again when they got home! It was sooooooo fun to be with my Miles family again, even if it was for a very short time! Thanks for letting me crash your place! I miss you and love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!

The BEST SURPRISE (ugly cry face) video EVER!!!
Surprising Gregward!  Sitting where Renee normally sits to fake him out!
Faking out the boys!
Mike is confused
Sean (little punk) says "What's up Gia?" and Renee said "Why did you say that?" and he replied "Cause you look like Miss Gia" and then I ran around the corner and scared him!
 Sean's Football practice (she made me wear her hat!)
It got chilllllllllllllllly!  I LOVED IT!
Snuggling with Mike!
Red Robin!  Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Torturing Mike
The AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL FALL trees on her block!!!
The famous Renee/Gia self portrait
The Starbucks Lady!  We told her the surprise story and she LOVED it, then we showed her the video and she CRIED!
Having a LATTE FUN! ;)
Renee called ahead and had them hold my FAV PUNKIN scone since I don't get them anymore!!
 Renee's AMAZING photography skillzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 Pure BLISS!
Renee's bliss is cinnamon pound cake (not as BLISSFUL as mine! hee hee)

 Off to the movies!  Since we couldn't see any of the Twilight flicks, this was next best thing!  Pretty funny!  Stupid funny, that is!
All cozy in our matching PJ's after a rough day of Sbux, shopping and a movie!
Bring on the band practice!!
Torturing Gregward during Chicken Fried! LOL
Rock on!  WOO HOO!!
My un-biological Sister! Love you Renee!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Washington SCRAP-A-GANZA with Pat!!

In July at the family reunion, Pat and I talked about how much FUN it would be to attend the 3 day crop in her town on October 15-17 (Fri.-Sun). together! I didn't really think it would be possible, but Jason and his Grandparents schemed behind my back to get me there! You guys are AWESOME!! I had the best time ever! We made cards for a total of 38 hours over 3 days! The event was AMAZING! It was put on by the wonderful and talented girls at Forget Me Not (local scrapbook store). The event included 3 DELICIOUS meals a day, plus snacks and drinks and use of ALL the store's supplies! We even took trips to the store for 25% off purchases! I met a lot of great girls with AMAZING talents and ideas! I learned a lot and now have a HUGE wish list of things I need/want (hint ideas anyone? hee hee) I was able to "step out of my comfort zone" and try different things like painting with water colors and embossing. Pat and I had a BLAST and a lot of laughs! She's a slave driver! LOL I already miss getting our punkin spice lattes every morning with her :) It was so nice to be in WA again too. The place is beautiful and the weather was awesome! I really needed a good dose of Fall! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Poor Grandad had the house all to himself for 3 days as we barely even saw him. In fact, on Sat. I didn't see him at all! We left before he got up and came home way after he went to bed. Thanks for sharing Pat with me, Grandad! Thanks for an amazing trip too, I had so much fun and I'm sad that's it's over already! I look forward to sending out my cards though! Love you guys!!!!!

Packing the car of our goods!  This is ONLY the trunk (back seat not pictured) hee hee
The AG center (at the fairgrounds) before the crazy crop girls arrived!
Pat setting up the stamps
Photo-op of me and Pat
Bye bye Scrap-a-ganza 2010! ;(
All of our cards (sideways cause I can't rotate it!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Pat's spooooooooky Halloween cards (she's got a dark crafty side)
My attempt at water colors and getting out of my comfort zone!  :)
Embossing with the Cuddle Bug!  I LOVE that machine!!
Really stepping out of the box with water colors, embossing and paper crumpling! Thanks Pat! :)