Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ava had her first soccer game today (they are the Fireballs) and won, 4 to 3! She scored one goal! GO AVA!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Base Livin' is the Life for Me.....................

So..................... I was gonna make up a Green Acres song, but lost the energy :) Here are some pics of our house on base at Camp LeJeune, NC! I actually like it (now that we painted) and I LOVE being 3 mins away from everywhere! I haven't painted and/or decorated our bedroom or the kid's rooms yet, so I'll post those pics later. I also am getting a bigger desk for the family room and trying to get rid of Jason's horrid recliner! UGH! COME VISIT US :)
PS. I uploaded these pics in order, but when I posted it they got messed up! Weird.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back From Iraq! (Better late than never - hee hee)

I "surprised" Jason when he returned from Iraq in May (he claims he knew). We had the BEST week! It was like a second honeymoon (kids stayed with G-ma) :)

New Friends

Been here a week and making friends with............... people and BUGS! Ava and Katia have become instant friends. They are in the same class. She also has a brother Ethan's age (Tyler) who is in the afternoon Pre-K (Ethan is a.m.) The kids are loving the animals and bugs too! They chase the squirrels, caught a lizard and a praying mantis (pic), plus have had 3 ticks each! Not to mention, we have all fallen victim to the mosquitoes as well! UGH!

Ethan's Orientation

The kids have classroom mascots. Ethan is a Bee and Ava is a Dolphin. These are pics from orientation night where we got to meet the teacher and other families and check out the room! Jason helped Ethan do his first art project too! So cute!

Ethan's First Day of Pre-K!

We LOVE the kid's school and I especially LOVE both of their teachers! Ethan goes 4 days/wk from 8:30-11:15. He was so excited and already has two friends that we met at orientation (Jackson and Samantha)