Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School 2009!

Aunt Lins, Ava and Ethan

Ava and Katia

Ethan at orientation

Ethan and Elijah

Ethan and Mrs. Baxley

Ethan and Emma

Ava started 3rd grade at Bitz Intermediate and her teacher is Mrs. Davis. Her school is right next door to JPS, where Ethan started Kindergarten! His teacher is Mrs. Baxley and I love her!!! Lindsey and the boys came to visit for a few days before school started and left the morning of. That's a whole separate post :)

Water Park in Oakbrook, IL 2009

Me and Chris

Me, Devyn, Ethan and Ava

Devyn and I striking a pose

The kids chillin'

Sweet Pea and Ava



Another fun day in Chgo this summer! We met up with my friend, Chris and her ADORABLE daughter, Devyn (a.k.a "Sweet Pea") Chris and I met while attending UIC over 13 yrs ago! The last time we saw each other was at my wedding 10 yrs ago on July 30, 1999! We had so much fun and caught up right where we left off a decade ago. The only difference...................WE BOTH HAVE KIDS!!!!!! :) The kids had a blast and we just fell in love with Sweet Pea! Come visit us in NC anytime guys! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

How long will it take to run THIS off? UGH!

Oh Portillos.................our love affair was...................DELICIOUS!! I loved you for 3 weeks and I will miss you, but now I am paying the price of allllllll that over-eating! Until next time..................ciao!

Auntie Nikkie

While I was in Dallas, Auntie Nikkie so kindly watched the kids in Chgo a couple of times (instant birth control!) They loved hanging out with her and her HUGE dogs!!!

Sweet ride!

Grandma and Grandpa found this great jeep for the kids at a garage sale and decided to CAMO it up! It started out yellow, but now it's ready for military drivin on base! They loved painting it, but love tearing thru the neighborhood even more!

Chuck-e-Cheese please!

Ethan making Grandma ill!!!

Too short to play? NEVER!!

Auntie Jackie needs a barf bag!

Who REALLY wanted to go to CEC? Hmmmmmmmmmm

One of the last nights in Chgo, Grandma and Auntie Jackie took the kids to CEC and they had a blast, of course! Dad and I went to Gene and Jude's for one last hot dog together and some sight seeing of "the old neighborhoods" :) Fun times!

Swimming with friends!

"Gamers" Colin and Ethan
Madeleine and Ava (instant friends just like me and Tricia!)

Me and Tricia (a.k.a Ashley Judd look alike!)

Ethan and Magnus

Ava and Phoenix

Phoenix trying to pull me off her man, Magnus!

I WIN!!!! Make out time!! :)

Bawm chicka bawm bawm!!! Sorry Jase!

While in Chgo we visited my great friend, Tricia and her family TWICE! They have a gorgeous house and pool! Tricia and I used to work at Jennifer Convertibles in Chgo about 13+ years ago and have remained friends ever since! We had a blast hanging out and catching up and the kids got along great!! I wish we lived closer :(

Since Jason has been gone for 16 weeks now, I have been feeling kinda lonely..............................and then I met Magnus!!! It was love at first bite, I mean sight! Those squatty legs...........that up-turned nose.................those jowls...............that under bite!!!!! I just couldn't get enough! Align Center
I'm sorry Jase - A GIRL HAS NEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Can you believe this is made out of legos?

Ava's new BF

The Sears Tower (a.k.a The Willis Tower..................UGH!)

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea (or in a lego store in Chgo)?


We went to a really cool Lego store today with my Mom! They call it "Legoland" but if you've ever been to the REAL Legoland in SoCal, this is clearly NOT the same thing! The store was pretty cool though and reminded me a lot of my brother who could sit for hours building legos when he was little.