Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago Trip..........Grandparent's house, Part 2

Another FUN day in Chicago was spent at my Grandparent's house with MORE family eating MORE great food!  We all had a blast talking and laughing all day (it gets VERY loud) and eating Grandma's amazing food.  It always goes by too fast and I wish we could visit more often (like EVERY Sunday!)  Miss you guys and love you lots!
 Ava and Great Grandma
 Ethan and Great Grandpa
 Me and Grandma (we have this SAME pose from last year....we're funny like that! lol)
 Me, Jason, Grandma and Grandpa
 Me and my cousin, Scotty (aka. "The Boy" by Ethan! LOL)
 Me and my cousin, Angela
 Angela wishes I wasn't in this pic! ;)
 Uncle Bob, Me, Ang and J
 Auntie Donna and Ethan
 The kids with Angela
 Super cute!
 Gina, Me and Angela
Gina and the kids playing Operation

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kelly manz said...

again......need photos of the food! hello? or at least tell me what you ate so i can live vicariously thru you......even tho its 6 months later, but perfect timing for a prego like me!