Saturday, July 9, 2011

Christmas Morning

Guess who didn't check the battery........................sigh.  We were able to get a video of the kids coming downstairs X-mas morning and of them opening their gift from Grandma Fiore before the camera DIED.......EPIC FAIL!  Grandma bought us all our Disneyland tickets for our trip with the William's family in Jan. (blog post to follow) as well as these GREAT and much needed Disney sweatshirts for the park.  Grandma and Grandpa Ellis gave us money towards our trip as well.  If it wasn't for all these awesome Disney themed contribution gifts, we would've never been able to go.  It costs a FORTUNE!  Thanks everyone for making our Disney vacation spectacular!
The day after X-mas Jason and Ethan took off for Jacksonville, FL to see the Redskins play!  I posted pics under Ethan's b-day post since the game was his gift as per his request (see Ethan turns 7)  Here's another pic of them before they left bright and early for the 3 hr road trip.

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